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What We Do

We understand that you are reaching out so that you have the information, tools, and the support necessary to make the best possible career decisions. We can help you. This is the first step toward reaching your own career and leadership goals, just like many of our other CareerJoy success stories.

At CareerJoy, we believe that your career is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. Your coach is excited about helping you in a very practical and tangible way, so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Over 13 years, CareerJoy has worked with more than 500 corporate clients nationally, such as Government of Canada, Scouts Canada, Calgary Flames, Vega, PWC, & more. We have a robust real-time sense of the economy, growth industries, and demand for your skills in the marketplace. We work closely with recruiters in high-demand and emerging sectors and careers, and are happy to leverage our extensive network of professionals on behalf of our clients.

According to a recent study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a full 96 per cent of HR professionals agree that hiring a career coach delivers tangible benefits to individuals and organizations alike. So whether you need help drafting a professional resume, securing a promotion, switching jobs, or any other career-related move, we are here to help.

Unlike most coaching companies, we don’t just hand over a Myers-Briggs test to determine your career future. Instead, through our proven assessment tools and customized career coaching programs, we guide you to your next best career move. All you do is click on our contact form, join our Complimentary Webinars or call to book a one-on-one consultation where your journey toward career satisfaction begins.

We offer one on one face-to-face coaching at our locations across Canada, as well as the option and flexibility of distance coaching coast-to-coast. As a client, you are encouraged to expand your network by joining our exclusive CareerJoy LinkedIn community and weekly interactive webinar series with in-demand career and leadership topics.

CareerJoy is committed to your success & confident in our process, our team, and our ability to help you!

We’re here. Wondering how we can help you? Start the conversation at any time.

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